How to contact the ISPs

Here you will find the phone numbers and e-mails (if possible) for the Danish ISPs. If you are calling from a foreign country, remember to add the country code before the number – normally the country code for Denmark is +45.

Please note that some ISPs are not on the list. You should be able to find contact information on the ISPs homepages by clicking on “kontakt”.

Denmark is in the Central European Timezone, which means it is GMT +1

70 11 03 30 (the line is open 8-17:00 on workdays – only for foreign calls)

72 100 100 (the line is open 8-19 on workdays, and 9-14 on Saturdays)

26 26 26 26 (the line is open on workdays 9-17 – the number is only for calls from other countries)

3: (mobile broadband only)
70 313 333 (the line is open 9-17 on workdays)

32 15 45 00 (the line is open Monday-Thursday 9-17, Friday 9-16

Dansk Net: (broadband only)
46 90 88 88 (The line is open Monday-Thursday 9-16, Friday 9-15)

Oister: (mobile broadband only)
70 31 30 70 (the line is open 10-16 on workdays)

Waoo! (optical fiber only)
70 10 22 20 (no information about when the line is open)

Price comparison of Danish ISPs

Compare prices from 20 Danish ISPs
(Note: Prices and description in Danish)