Working in Denmark? How to find the best internet subscription

Are you an expat in Denmark looking for the right internet connection? The internet connections in Denmark are fast, reliable and cheap compared to the rest of the world.

In Denmark most of the offers comes with a six month long contract. Therefore you can’t terminate the subscription for the first six months. Normally you rent or buy the hardware (router, the basic cables for one computer etc.) directly from the provider for a small fee, and the contract ensures the provider that they will benefit from having you as a customer, despite selling or renting the hardware for a very cheap fee.

Current prices on Danish internet connections

If you are looking for a normal internet connection, there are more than enough offers to choose from. Unfortunately, most of the Danish internet providers don’t translate their ordering pages to English.

However, the following ISP’s has English ordering pages / information about buying.

You might be able to order other places too if you have to have a Dane helping you through the order or you could install a translating program for your browser – Google Chrome has it preinstalled.

You could also visit one of the providers shops after having decided on a subscription – you can find the addresses at the bottom of this page.

All standard Danish connection for normal broadband has no spending limit, unless you use hundreds of GB every month – but you have to download very big files very often to exceed the limit, and no normal user will ever get near it.

ISP Description Speed Contract period Minimum fee Price/month Read more
some_text Gives you access to 15 millions songs on TDC Play. 25 Mbit guaranteed. 20/2 Mbit 6 months 1952 kr 259 kr Go to ISP
some_text Cheap internet with a solid speed - includes IP-telephone. Min. 5 Mbit. 10/1 Mbit 6 months 995 kr 199 kr Go to ISP
some_text YouSee gives you webaccess to 31 tv-channels and music - must have cable tv from YouSee too. 50/10 Mbit No contract period 249 kr 448 kr Go to ISP
some_text Cheap line but still rather fast line suitable for most needs. Min. 7 Mbit 10/1 Mbit 6 months 995 kr 199 kr Go to ISP
some_text Optical fiber - very fast but not possible everywhere. 100/100 Mbit 6 months 2394 kr 399 kr Go to ISP

Waoo!, Stofa, YouSee and TDC guarantee the speed. The rest of the ISP's delivers "up to" a given speed but with a minimum speed guaranteed.

Mobile broadband

Mobile broadband is an internet connection based on wireless signals – mainly 3g. With Danish mobile broadband you can go online with your computer no matter where in Denmark you are.

If you want to buy a mobile broadband connection you need a personal identification number(CPR), which you will receive with your residence permit, if you are staying in Denmark for at least three months.

If you haven’t received a personal identification number yet, you should also be able to buy a subscription in TDC’s shops, if you bring id (eg. Passport) and some official papers with your address. The other internet providers has informed us by mail that it’s not possible to buy a subscription without a CPR.

If you have a CPR, be aware that if you buy it through the internet you will by law have the right to withdraw from the order no matter the reason for the first 14 days after buying the connections– even if it’s bought with a contract and you have taken the USB-modem in use. You don’t have this right by law if buying at the internet providers shops, but some providers might still offer it.

TDC, Telenor and Telia all offers pre-paid sim-cards, and this doesn’t require CPR – in the long run it will be expensive though.

There is almost always a monthly spending limit on mobile broadband. Some providers also offer mobile broadband subscriptions where you prepay for the usage – typically you have to “refill” the subscription when it’s empty, if you still want to be able to use it – however, the sites for refilling might only be available in Danish. These are also known as “pay as you go” plans.

You should take a look at the coverage maps to ensure that you can expect a good connection at the place you’ll be using the mobile broadband.

Generally, 3 has the best network by reputation. TDC and Telia also has solid coverage, while Telenor has the worst – however, it differs quite a lot between the different areas.

If you want very fast mobile broadband, and you are living or staying in one of the bigger cities, Telia offers the fastest speeds and has the best 4g coverage.

Coverage maps


3 (click “Tjek din dækning her påkortet” – only subscriptions – you’ll most likely not be able to get a sim-card at 3 as a tourist)


Telenor: (click “se dækningskortet” – click “data” in the right coloumn to see the expected speed)

Find the nearest shops:


Telenor (the light blue icons are Telenor’s own shops, orange icons are experts – a electronic chain and grey icons are Føtex , dark blue is Bilka – both are danish supermarket chains with an electronic department)

Telia (lilac icons are Telia’s own shops, while the blue icons are other shops selling Telia subscriptions)

3 (only mobile broadband and mobile subscriptions – you’ll most likely not be able to get a pre-paid sim-card at 3)

List with prices on Danish mobile broadband connections

ISP Description Speed Data Contract period Minimum fee Price/month Read more
some_text Solid subscription - uses 3's 3G-network, which means great coverage 4-20 Mbit 15 GB None 278 kr 99 kr Go to ISP
some_text Pay per use variant - good as backup line 4-20 Mbit - 6 months 273 kr 29 kr Go to ISP
some_text Great if you're not using the connection every day. 17-71 Mbit 8 GB 6 months. 847 kr 99 kr Go to ISP
some_text Gives you access to TDC Play (more than 15 millions of songs). 17-71 Mbit 50 GB 6 months 1892 kr 249 kr Go to ISP
some_text Fine subscription with widespread coverage. 2-12 Mbit 6 GB None 306 kr 59 kr Go to ISP
some_text Best LTE(4G)-network - very high speeds in the cities. 17-71 Mbit 30 GB 6 months 1811 kr 199 kr Go to ISP

Your average speed is expected to be within the range of the listed speed. However the highest minimum speeds is based on 4G-coverage, which is not possible many places outside the bigger cities.

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