Broadband in Denmark

Broadband is an essential part of the daily life in Denmark. Some official papers can only be filled out online, and 86 percent of the population had internet access in their private home in 2010.

The most normal internet connection is copper cable connections, and normal speeds are currently around 20 Mbit. According to the average result in their speedtests in Denmark are 18,26 Mbit (as of april 2012) which places Denmark as the twentieth fastest country in the world.

The network for optical fiber connections is currently being increased in Denmark allowing speeds as high as 100 Mbit for private users. However, it is quite expensive to establish, and it is still quite far from being national.

There is normally no spending cap on the normal Danish subscription, but many providers has a “fair usage cap” at around 200 GB, meaning you can’t use more than that amount of data.

Mobile broadband has also become normal in Denmark – 3G (UMTS and HSPA+) is by far the most common technical solution in Denmark. The coverage is pretty good in most of the country, and the speeds vary from a few Mbit to around 40 Mbit (sold as “up to” 80 Mbit, but you shouldn’t expect more than 40 Mbit at most).

There are spending caps on the mobile broadband subscriptions – you can buy from a few hundreds of MB to 20-50 GB of data. You will need a CPR (Danish personal security number) to buy a subscription, but tourist and other foreigners without CPR can buy pre-paid sim-cards at some of the internet-providers shops, and you might be able to use your USB-dongle from you own country.

Unfortunately, the Danish internet providers only have online information for customers in Danish, but at the shops the personal should be able to help you in English.

Find the nearest shops:


Telenor (the light blue icons are Telenor’s own shops, orange icons are experts – a electronic chain and grey icons are Føtex , dark blue is Bilka – both are danish supermarket chains with an electronic department)

Telia (lilac icons are Telia’s own shops, while the blue icons are other shops selling Telia subscriptions)

3 (only mobile broadband and mobile subscriptions – you’ll most likely not be able to get a pre-paid sim-card at 3)

Normal terms in Denmark

Most subscriptions require a 6 month commitment. You can never be contracted for longer periods as a private customer.

When you buy a subscription through the internet, you always have 14 days to withdraw from the subscription. However, your traditional internet connection might not be opened before the 14 days period has ended. Your mobile broadband subscription will be open from day one, and you can take the subscription in use and still have the right to withdraw within 14 days.

Most Danish internet connections are sold as “up to” a certain speed. This means that they will try to deliver the speed, but it might be somewhat slower. However, it does not mean the provider will deliver only 1 Mbit at a 20 Mbit wired connection.

If they do and can’t fix the problem, you should be able to get out of the subscription and get you money back despite being in contract.

With mobile broadband there are no guarantees at all though. It is basically your responsibility to be at a place with the best coverage.

ISP Description Speed Contract period Minimum fee Price/month Read more
some_text Gives you access to 15 millions songs on TDC Play. 25 Mbit guaranteed. 20/2 Mbit 6 months 1952 kr 259 kr Go to ISP
some_text Cheap internet with a solid speed - includes IP-telephone. Min. 5 Mbit. 10/1 Mbit 6 months 995 kr 199 kr Go to ISP
some_text YouSee gives you webaccess to 31 tv-channels and music - must have cable tv from YouSee too. 50/10 Mbit No contract period 249 kr 448 kr Go to ISP
some_text Cheap line but still rather fast line suitable for most needs. Min. 7 Mbit 10/1 Mbit 6 months 995 kr 199 kr Go to ISP
some_text Optical fiber - very fast but not possible everywhere. 100/100 Mbit 6 months 2394 kr 399 kr Go to ISP

Waoo!, Stofa, YouSee and TDC guarantee the speed. The rest of the ISP's delivers "up to" a given speed but with a minimum speed guaranteed.

Price comparison of Danish ISPs

Compare prices from 20 Danish ISPs
(Note: Prices and description in Danish)