Exchange student in Denmark? Find the right internet connection

In most of the world the internet is a really important part of studying, and Denmark is definitely no exception.

There might already be an internet connection included at the place you are going to live. It is quite normal that the dorms/student halls of residence in Denmark have internet connections, which is paid through your monthly rent. So if you’re staying at a dorm you’ll most likely already have an internet connection.

However, if you know your place won’t have a broadband connection installed, I suggest you take a look at our guide for foreign workers in Denmark.

Mobile broadband

If you would like a mobile broadband connection, you can’t buy it through the internet without your Danish personal identification number (CPR). Normally you receive it with your residence permit, but you might not have it on your first day in Denmark. However, you will be able to buy mobile broadband prepaid deal with USB-modem without a CPR-number if you go to a TDC shop. Oister does so too, but doesn’t have their own shops – they are available different places. Read about the offer on Oisters homepage in English.

TDC, Telia and Telenor all offers pre-paid sim-cards without needing an ID, address or anything.

If you want a subscription you will need a CPR-number.

If you have a USB-modem bought in your home country you should be able to use this with a Danish sim-card, but be aware that it might be more expensive to buy a USB-modem after you have paid for a subscription. So be sure you’re USB-modem is usable. Not all providers sell prepaid deals with USB-modem – TDC and Oister does, but they might not always be on stock at the shops.

Normally you can’t stop the subscription during the first sixth months. However if you have your own USB-modem, some providers offer subscriptions without the six month long contract – this is possible at TDC.

The providers’ coverage

Denmark has four Danish 3G and 4G network providers. Generally 3 has the widest coverage, especially in the country (but only 3G). Telia has the fastest and best coverage in the cities(by far the best 4G network), TDC has solid coverage and 4G in the biggest cities, while Telenor has the worst coverage(and only 3G). All providers have pretty solid coverage in the cities.

Unfortunately, you might not be able to buy mobile broadband at 3 without a Danish personal identification number – not even pre-paid cards. But if you prefer their subscription or coverage, I suggest you go to one of their shops anyway and try.

Before choosing your mobile broadband provider, it is recommendable to check the coverage in the area you’ll be living.


3 (only subscriptions – you’ll most likely not be able to get a sim-card at 3 as a tourist)


Telenor: (click the blue button “se dækning” – click “gå direkte til kortet”)

There are other providers, but they all use one of the four networks and they don’t have their own shops. However, some of the providers’ shops might also sell subscriptions and pre-paid cards from other providers.

There is almost always a monthly spending limit on the mobile broadband. Some providers also offer mobile broadband subscriptions where you prepay for the usage. Typically you have to “refill” the subscription when it’s empty, if you still want to be able to use it.

However, it might only be possible to refill it if you can read Danish subsidiaries.

Find the nearest shops:


Telenor (the light blue icons are Telenor’s own shops, orange icons are experts – a electronic chain and grey icons are Føtex , dark blue is Bilka – both are danish supermarket chains with an electronic department)

Telia (lilac icons are Telia’s own shops, while the blue icons are other shops selling Telia subscriptions)

3 (only mobile broadband and mobile subscriptions – you’ll most likely not be able to get a pre-paid sim-card at 3)

Oister’s deal(uses 3’s network)(some small shops sells the deals too. When you’ve but the start package, you are also able to refill at all post offices – read about the offer in English)

Prices on mobile broadband

ISP Description Speed Data Contract period Minimum fee Price/month Read more
some_text Solid subscription - uses 3's 3G-network, which means great coverage 4-20 Mbit 15 GB None 278 kr 99 kr Go to ISP
some_text Pay per use variant - good as backup line 4-20 Mbit - 6 months 273 kr 29 kr Go to ISP
some_text Great if you're not using the connection every day. 17-71 Mbit 8 GB 6 months. 847 kr 99 kr Go to ISP
some_text Gives you access to TDC Play (more than 15 millions of songs). 17-71 Mbit 50 GB 6 months 1892 kr 249 kr Go to ISP
some_text Fine subscription with widespread coverage. 2-12 Mbit 6 GB None 306 kr 59 kr Go to ISP
some_text Best LTE(4G)-network - very high speeds in the cities. 17-71 Mbit 30 GB 6 months 1811 kr 199 kr Go to ISP

Your average speed is expected to be within the range of the listed speed. However the highest minimum speeds is based on 4G-coverage, which is not possible many places outside the bigger cities.

Phone deals as an exchange student

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Price comparison of Danish ISPs

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(Note: Prices and description in Danish)