How to get a Danish sim-card for your phone

The main focus on Bredbå is broadband and mobile broadband, but we also know that many people are looking for solutions to get a Danish subscription or prepaid simcard for their mobile phones. We are not the biggest expert on the mobile phones market, but we might have some tips useful for you, if you are looking for a quick and easy way to get a Danish sim-card.

It’s easiest to find a suitable connection, if you are not going to use the internet on your phone, but you only want to send text messages and make some phone calls.

First of all it might be a good idea to setup a Skype account, and use this account through the internet for the longer phone calls with people staying in your home country. It’s quite expensive calling abroad from a Danish subscription / pre-paid sim card.

The mobile broadband, broadband and phone operators are pretty much the same. All four ISPs in the box on the right offers phone subscription, however 3 does not offer pre-paid sim-cards, and you will need a CPR to get a subscription for your phone.

Pre-paid deals and Smartphones

The pre-paid deals is more expensive, and some of them is useless when it comes to getting access to the internet due to either high prices or low limits each day. Therefore in general, you will have a hard time getting your smartphone on the internet without a CPR and thus, without a subscription. However, Telia has pre-paid deals designed for data-usage. In these deals you can get between 1 GB and 10 GB data, and you’ll have between 1 week and 3 months to use it.

See where you can buy pre-paid deals from Telia.

The coverage for texting and calling is quite widespread – there are holes especially in the country, but normally you will not experience too much problem getting signal. Are you going to use your phone to get access to the internet, we do recommend that you take a look at the coverage maps for 3G, since there are quite a lot of holes, and at some ISPs even in the cities.

You can buy pre-paid sim-cards in many supermarkets, but we do recommend that you go to one of the ISPs shops when buying for the first time, since they should be able to give you the best guidance to ensure you’re getting a deal suitable for you – and to ensure, that you know what you’re buying.

The prices is not that different between the providers – you might be able to buy certain packages, if you know you’re going to mainly send text messages or make many phone calls, so it’s a good idea to think about your expected use before going to the shop.

Can I use my phone in Denmark?

Normally, yes. However there are a few cases where you can’t.

Your phone should be a GSM-phone. If you want good data-access, you’ll need access to UMTS/HSPA+ and for even faster speeds LTE.

Read more about technology used in Denmark.

In addition to this, your phone need to be able to get access to the right frequency bands. Normally you should be able to use your phone, even if your countries ISPs uses different frequency bands.

Price comparison of Danish ISPs

Compare prices from 20 Danish ISPs
(Note: Prices and description in Danish)