Mobile broadband coverage in Denmark

Whether you only want to use mobile broadband for a short time or as your regular connection, you should take a closer look at the coverage maps before buying.

Imagine buying a superfast connection, and when you are plugging the USB-device in and you think you are ready to do all of these things on the internet, you find out that the device is more suitable for training patience than internet use. That’s the risk when not checking the coverage maps.

In Denmark we have four networks with 3G (UMTS and HSPA+) and 4G (LTE) coverage. Currently only two of the networks include 4G though(Telia and TDC – Telia has by far the best LTE-network).

If you are a tourist, you’ll most likely only want to check your email, the news and the weather while staying in Denmark – therefore, you will be in no need for 4G-speeds and even one Mbit should be more than enough speed for you, unless you need to stream videos or download a few big files. If you are staying for a longer period however, you might want faster internet-connections.

We do recommend you take you own look at the coverage maps, but in general 3 has the best and widest coverage – unfortunately, they do not offer pre-paid solutions.

Telia also has pretty good coverage, and their 4G-network might make them a better solution for you – they cover some of the popular holiday places, but their main focus is on the cities, and they do offer 4G-speeds even in some of the smaller cities.

TDC and Telenor is behind Telia and 3, but it is not by far, and there might still be places where they offer better coverage making them the best solution for your stay in Denmark.

Be aware that the frequencies used in Denmark might not be the same as in your home country – mainly if you are not from Europe. Normally you will be able to use your phone or equipment in Denmark.

Coverage maps

The coverage maps is only available in Danish, but the important information is understandable for foreigners too.


3 (click “Tjek din dækning her påkortet” – 3 only offers subscriptions – however, Oister uses 3’s network too and offers prepaid deals)


Telenor: (click “se dækningskortet” – click “data” in the right coloumn to see the expected speed)

Prices for subscription

Below you can see the prices for subscriptions, but be aware that you need a Danish CPR-number to get a subscription.

ISP Description Speed Data Contract period Minimum fee Price/month Read more
some_text Solid subscription - uses 3's 3G-network, which means great coverage 4-20 Mbit 15 GB None 278 kr 99 kr Go to ISP
some_text Pay per use variant - good as backup line 4-20 Mbit - 6 months 273 kr 29 kr Go to ISP
some_text Great if you're not using the connection every day. 17-71 Mbit 8 GB 6 months. 847 kr 99 kr Go to ISP
some_text Gives you access to TDC Play (more than 15 millions of songs). 17-71 Mbit 50 GB 6 months 1892 kr 249 kr Go to ISP
some_text Fine subscription with widespread coverage. 2-12 Mbit 6 GB None 306 kr 59 kr Go to ISP
some_text Best LTE(4G)-network - very high speeds in the cities. 17-71 Mbit 30 GB 6 months 1811 kr 199 kr Go to ISP

Your average speed is expected to be within the range of the listed speed. However the highest minimum speeds is based on 4G-coverage, which is not possible many places outside the bigger cities.

Price comparison of Danish ISPs

Compare prices from 20 Danish ISPs
(Note: Prices and description in Danish)